Are You My Type of Client?


So I’ve been studying some marketing stuff (again). I came across an idea that has been around for some decades. It’s one of those questions that I would ask if someone came to me asking for marketing advice. The question is who is your target market?

It’s a very easy question to ask but a much more difficult question to answer.

The usual answer from small business owners is either “everyone” or “anyone who will pay for what I do”. Seems like a perfectly reasonable answer doesn’t it? But if you look at the question from the point of view of a potential client you begin to see what is wrong with it. I don’t want to be serviced by someone whose only interest in me is that I can afford the service. I would much prefer to do business with someone who specialises in people like me. And my first thought when in seeking out someone with some expertise in an area I don’t have expertise is to ask if they have much experience in working with people with my particular problems or situation.

This is kind of related to figuring out what business I’m in too. As a fairly experienced and quite knowledgable photographer I can do all kinds of photography. But one of the most valuable things I got from my 365 project, even though it only lasted about 75 days, was that the kind of pictures I most like to make are people pictures. So I decided to be a people photographer. Even that is quite a wide field. There are formal portraits, candid portraits, casual portraits, studio types and available light types. There are fun portraits and there are men or women in suits that are most often quite stiff and serious.

So putting what I want to do together with the people I most like to do it with I came up with “wow” pictures. These are not passport pictures. The object of the whole process is to get your friends and associates to say “Wow. Is that you?” I want to create images that attract a great deal of positive attention or “wow”.

So who is my ideal client? Is it just anyone as long as they’ll keep me in capuccinos? Well yes of course but also as long as they are up for being somewhat outrageous.They can be; young or old, male or femaile, individuals or businesses, but they are creative people for the most part whether or not they work as such. And they are willing to collaborate in the process of picture making. They may know exactly what they want, but probably don’t, but they are willing to explore ideas with me.

So how do I market to such people? That’s a good question and one I’m very glad you asked. I’m open to any and all ideas on how to best reach people who are willing to be and do outrageous things in order to get some cool pictures. Help me out here. And don’t start by asking which way I came in.



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