Previously called Specials but I think “Casting” is more appropriate and more fun.

A lot of what I do involves characters that are played by the people I shoot. Portraits are about the actual people. Characters are played by people. Get it?

I ocassionally do shoots where I’m looking to perfect a new technique or lighting idea and need subjects to feature in the shots.

Sometimes I’ll do special days when I have a good location and think it will work brilliantly for something sinister, romantic, outrageous or just plain cool.

I’d like to do some work with bikers on a particular day. And with someone who has a sinister looking SUV.

Other times it might be a special day for kids. These can be fun.

When I have the day, location and theme worked out I like to get the word out to anyone who would like to participate. My rates on these special days are also special.

Casting will not always be in the same town or even the same county but will likely be somewhere in the Southeastern part of the country.

They may not happen every month but I am constantly pushing my craft and constantly dreaming up new ideas.

Sometimes I will know more than a week in advance but other times it might be down to the day! If you’re up for short notices let me know below and leave a mobile number.

If you’d like to go on my Casting list let me know on the form below. It costs nothing to get on the list and of course you can unsubscribe any time you like.

I will send out occassional mailings, about once a month, saying what I have planned for the coming month. There may be one, two or more projects which will have a description of the kind of pictures I will be going for, the locations, the props, etc. If something appeals to you then you let me know you’re interested. If nothing appeals then you don’t. Simples.

If there is something you want to be involved in we will talk about it by email or phone so you can ask questions and get more information.

There will not be any session fees and you will be perfectly free to not buy any prints. If you do want prints or files for the web they will be made available at very discounted rates. The reason they will be discounted is because these shoots will be led by my search for new ideas or methods instead of  where everything would revolve around you.

You might end up with some great pictures very cheaply and have a lot of fun in the process.

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