How to Pick the Winners

Aled and Sian

This is a picture that escaped me when I first edited the session several months ago. There were others I considered better at the time I edited and this just slipped me by. Looking over some old shoots today it jumped out at me. What’s that about? It is true that my approach and sense of aesthetics has changed in the ensuing months but I should still have seen this one.

I need to get a lot better at editing. I don’t mean the stuff I do in photoshop but the process of selecting the good from the bad and the ugly from a session. Actually there aren’t just those three categories. The ugly are pretty easy to see but the others are more difficult. The good come in two basic varieties; there is “good” and “good but”. Obviously a “good but” isn’t as good as a “good”. “Good buts” might make it if it is just a case of the foot of a light stand appearing in the picture that can be easily solved in photoshop. But I’m not really talking about problem images that might or might not be fixed. I’m really talking about those images that are good but fall in to the category of bad if I see them too soon after the shoot.

I have a rule which handles the problem but I’d rather be able to handle it straight off. The rule is to download the files from the memory card on to my edit machine and then to just leave them and do something else. Come back after at least a day and then go through them. If I do it straight away I can’t trust my judgement. I make the wrong choices. Don’t really know why that is but it is.

If I leave them for at least 24 hours I am much better at judging which are the best ones.

I’m going to experiment with this to see if I can find ways of getting it right without having to wait that long. If you have had this problem and solved it please let me know how.

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