“How to Look Fabulous in Your Photographs” is a free e-book I have written to help you get better pictures of yourelf with or without my help.

What do you need to do first to guide every decision you make in clothing, make-up, location etc.?

How can you look thinner or less skinny?

What are the eight factors that control how good you look?

Why I might not be the photographer for you but someone else may be.

All this and more in this 10 page short book you can read in one session

Leave your email address in the box below and you will be sent a link by return where you can download the book. Why do I want your email address? Well if you’re on my site and are interested in this book you probably have at least some interest in having me shoot you but are not yet sure about it or are not yet ready to go for it.  By leaving your email address I can send you occassional emails (currently about two per month) that will keep my work in front of you so you can see what I’m up to and maybe get to know me a bit more. And maybe some time you’ll decide to get shot by me.

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