Natalie Again

It’s been quite a long time since I did this particular shoot with Natalie and quite a bit has happened in between that and this current post (not that you’d think so considering I posted about that shoot just a couple of posts below this one). But I knew there was more than I had originally seen and so I revisited the files and found a few more that I liked. Then I processed them newly while thinking about a new project I have and this is what came out of it. They are quite different to the originals and I’m liking them. This one is my new favourite.



There is a moral to this story as well. A few weeks ago I decided on a new and controversial policy about my work which is to deliberately introduce a delay between the shoot and the delivery of the final images of at least two weeks. Not usually a good business idea. Normally I would want the least amount of delay and certainly wouldn’t introduce a delay deliberately. But the fact of the matter is I find my judgement isn’t as good until I’ve had a chance to completely detach myself from the shooting session and the images for a period of time that could be a few days to a couple of weeks. When I return to them I am a better editor. I choose better images than I would have otherwise done and I also do a better job of processing them.

I am working on ways of reducing this time but for now it stands.


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The New Year’s Post

I know. It’s the 19th of January.

Back about two months ago I started thinking about redesigning the web site and writing a new business plan and many other highly desirable and worthy things to do to get my business into a higher gear. And then…. just as if the mere act of thinking about improving my business I had a rush of enquiries. 3 to be exact. The first two were for images already shot but the last was for a project that might last a year or more. It isn’t a full time for a year or more project but it is a good start to the year.

I had also put lots of thought into writing a really profound New Year’s Post but have decided to skip it this year. It occurred to me that if I didn’t put something up soon it would be February and my fabulous 1st post of the year would be old before it was published.

So here is one of my favourite motivational images.


It’s a new dawn, a new day, and a whole new year to screw up.

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It’s been a v.v.v.v. long time

Yes it has.

I’ve been stolen away on a project that should have taken two months but has somehow stretched to a whole lot more. The end is in sight but isn’t quite here yet. In the meantime I wanted to post one of my favourite images since I last posted. I’ve still been shooting but a lot less often in recent months. I’ll be back quite soon (relatively).

This is Lacey from a shoot back in something like January.



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Andrea Again

This is another composite image. Andrea was shot at my underground car park high tech studio in East Grinstead several months ago. The background image was shot about a week ago in London. I shot the London image as a background with the Andrea image or something similar in mind. This was practice for a couple of very interesting assignments that should be coming up soon but which will remain nameless until they are in the bag.

I love this kind of work and see a lot more of it in my future. Some might say that it isn’t really photography and maybe they have a point. But I couldn’t care less. This could have been shot in the same session but that would have meant arranging a whole new shoot. Sometimes it’s better and cheaper to do it all in post. Let me know what you think at please, I would love your feedback.



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What’s the Story?

Several months ago Dave Press and I met up for an ideas session on promo images. We had coffee and talked and I came up with an idea he wasn’t sure of at the time. Nevertheless I did shoot several images for this idea. When it came to processing I didn’t think I had all the parts I needed and so didn’t even begin to put them together. The missing ingredient was a jukebox and I hadn’t got one. Time was limited and finding the right jukebox wasn’t a priority. Other images were made. They were used and the original idea was forgotten.

Until a few hours ago. Then I was looking over some images for another purpose entirely and I came across the girl. I loved the shape. I guess I’m funny that way. And so I played around with it and then remembered what it had been shot for. Just for the hell of it I decided to go ahead with a different composition and see how it would turn out without the jukebox. I think it turned out okay. The jukebox was more of a prop rather than a character in the original idea. It was to be there to provide the “motivation” for the girl.

But the main point of the image was layers of interest and depth. I wanted to see if I could have an obviously sexy woman in a major part of the frame and for her to somehow not be the centre of interest.

You be the judge. What is the story here? If you had to write a caption about it what would it be?


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Camden Town Shoot


This image was made from an HDR made from a series of shots at the end of a session in Camden Town, London, yesterday. I was with a friend who wanted to learn more about HDR and I chose Camden market as a location to shoot because it is colourful in many different ways. But it was not a good choice as far as HDR goes. It is too full of life. And therefore has too much movement. A great place to shoot but not to shoot for HDR.
Anyway we spent about 1 1/2 hours shooting all kinds of stuff and then headed back to the car park. As we reached the car I spotted this location. After a little scouting I found this viewpoint. Perfect for the eight exposures it took. There was no one around and no movement apart from the clouds.
The HDR file was made with Photomatix and it was tone mapped there as well. Then into Photoshop for further tweaking of the colour palette and contrast.
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Portrait Photographer?

St Mary the Virgin Church, Little Wakering, Essex

This is the famous leaning St Mary the Virgin Church in Little Wakering, Essex. You may think this not a suitable subject for a portrait photographer and you’d probably be right. But sometimes I like to do a personal project that is outside my usual field. Being temporarily in Southend-on-Sea I’m taking advantage of the fact and shooting things that interest me outside of people.

The lean of this church is greater than that of the tower in Pisa and yet it isn’t anywhere near as famous which is an oddity. The tower was built in 1416 and that is about all I know of it’s history.

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The Once Grand Hotel

This is the once Grand Hotel in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. I went there quite a bit in my youth. Bands played there and I might have even played there myself. Far off days.

Today it is empty and available for rent and I believe it has been so for quite a while.

I know it isn’t like me to be posting images sans people but I sometimes like to mix things up a little. So there. I hope you don’t mind.

This image is quite large  in the original and should anyone want a print I’ll be making it available as a 24×14 inch print.

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The Kursaal – Southend-on-Sea

Around 110 years ago The Kursaal was the only amusement park in the world. It used to occupy a site of many acres and was a place of mystery and wonder to me as a boy growing up in the area. Today it’s grand entrance hall is pretty much all that survives. But it still has some magic for me.

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Which Witch?

Which Witch

This may not be the best example of standard portrait photography but then I’m not much of a standard portrait photographer. I find myself getting more and more involved in making images that are themselves made up of several other images. This is from 3 images made of Julie, who describes herself as a witch, plus some other layers that include spiderwebs and lightning forks.

I love this kind of work even if it does add many hours to the process of producing a final image.

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