Hi, I’m Bernie.

My purpose is to help you get “Wow” attention. When you get wows life is more fun.

I’m interested in questions like “What is Art? What is Style? What is Vision?” and “How can I make a living in this crazy world?”

Photographically I love making portraits, character pictures and scenes that look as if they came from movies, especially film noir movies. I particularly like to collaborate with my subjects. So I especially like to work with creative people who will bring more than just their body to a shoot.

If you need a wedding photographer I am not your man. Go see Charlie or Sam. They are good at weddings and love what they do. If you want some snaps to record a PR event likewise it ain’t me. If you want to play dress up and look cool, dangerous, sexy, cute or all of those give me a call.


If you’re on Google+, and if not why not?, you can circle me from my Google+ profile page.